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International Coffee Day 2018: From Farm to Cup

Coffee is one of the topmost consumed beverages in the world and in the Philippines it has almost become a staple drink, perhaps due to it's caffeine addictive substance that people can't live without. Who wouldn't resist the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee served in your favorite café. Globally, it is best served with the ever favorite cakes and pastries; donuts and croissant, while in the Philippines; all over the archipelago, it best served with local breads like freshly baked pandesal and bibingka. Regionally, like in Western visayas, people drink coffee with suman, biko and the most popular biscocho which is the pride of the region. Other regions would have their local delicacy that is best served with a hot coffee to start the day right and to get energized any time of the day. Whether for breakfast, snacks or post-dinner, we just love to have a cup of coffee at any hour and any place.

Filipinos have adapted to global flavors of gourmet coffee. From purely black cof…

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